Credit Banking

The Credit Banking strategy is powerful when you know how to use it!

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Credit Banking utilizes your budget surplus and revolving lines of credit to transfer highly expensive 'amortized' loan interest into a simpler and less expensive repayment plan.

The credit banking plan radically decreases the total number of loan payments, which in turn reduces the total amount of interest paid, resulting in aggressively paying-down of the principal loan balance in about one-third the time.  

We have three ways for you to learn more about credit banking.  

  1. You can join our weekly masterminds where each week you can listen in as we teach the credit banking concepts and sometimes we even allow members to submit their information for a coaching/training.  
  2. You can also get started with our step by step online training course where you can visit all aspects of credit banking and take your skills to a new level.
  3. You can purchase the ultimate guide to credit banking book created by our co-founder Joseph Smith.  Though Joseph has passed, his legacy lives on in the pages of Credit Banking and the Search for the Lost American Dream.

1) Join our weekly Mastermind

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2) Join The Online Credit Banking Course

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3) Get Joseph Smith's last great work: 

Credit Banking and The Search for the Lost American Dream



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