Frequently Asked Questions about Business Credit and the Business Builder Program

What is Business Credit?

What are your Business Credit services?

Do you repair business credit?

How much do your services cost?

What is the Business Credit Builder Program?

How does the Business Credit Builder Program work?

Can I do this on my own?

How much Business Credit Can I get?

How long does it take to get Business Credit?

What is Credit Banking?

How do I get started?

When I hire your services, what am I responsible for?

Are there any other additional expenses?

What's the difference between Personal and Business Credit?

How much does it cost for your Direct Funding Services?

How do I register for future webinars?

I scheduled a Free 30-minute consult, what do I need to have ready when you call?

What makes this system so different than other business credit building programs?

Can I use the Business Credit Builder Program for more than one business?



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