Frequently Asked Questions about Business Credit and the Business Builder Program

What is Business Credit?

What are your Business Credit services?

Do you repair business credit?

​How much do your services cost?

What is the Business Credit Builder Program?

How does the Business Credit Builder Program work?

Can I do this on my own?

How much Business Credit Can I get?

How long does it take to get Business Credit?

What is Credit Banking?

How do I get started?

When I hire your services, what am I responsible for?

Are there any other additional expenses?

What's the difference between Personal and Business Credit?

How much does it cost for your Direct Funding Services?

How do I register for future webinars?

I scheduled a Free 30-minute consult, what do I need to have ready when you call?

What makes this system so different than other business credit building programs?

​Can I use the Business Credit Builder Program for more than one business?