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Myth #4: The Credit Isn’t Real Credit With Real Merchants, or Creditors.

The reason for this myth is that although most major merchants offer business credit, most do not promote the fact that they offer it. There is no reason for a company to advertise they have credit where the applicant has no personal liability.

For instance, Home Depot offers a commercial credit account. But in almost all cases, the applicant must be willing to provide their social security number when applying and is willing to take on the personal guarantee for the debt. So, it doesn’t make sense for Home Depot to then offer the applicant a card with no personal liability if the applicant is willing to sign and give that guarantee and accept the liability.

Yet Home Depot does offer business credit with no personal guarantee, even though they don’t advertise it. Many merchants are the same: they offer business credit but don’t promote the fact that they offer it.

Business credit with no personal credit check or guarantee is available through Lowes, Home Depot, Office Max, Staples, BP, Shell, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Costco, and thousands of other major merchants. But you’d never know it if you didn’t investigate it carefully.

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